The National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability for Youth (NCWD/Youth) has compiled Guideposts for Success that youth with disabilities should strive to achieve with the help of supportive family and caregivers:

  • Access to high quality, standards-based education, regardless of the setting;
  • Information about career options and exposure to the world of work; including structured internships;
  • Opportunities to develop social, civic, and leadership skills;
  • Strong connections to caring adults;
  • Access to safe places to interact with their peers; and,
  • Support services and specific accommodations to allow them to become independent adults.

The youth referenced by NCWD/Youth are three times more likely to become adults living in poverty than their peers without a disability. According to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in June 2017, the unemployment rate for the civilian non-institutional population with a disability was 10.5 % in 2016, about two times higher than those without disabilities (4.6 %).

Arise DE’s LYF Skills is proud to provide programming that meets these guidelines.

Programming currently includes:

  • Help individuals with disabilities identify their key strengths and become aware of career and continuing education opportunities
  • Provide soft skills development to support transition and career planning
  • Support life skills development to encourage increased independence and financial education
  • Provide parent/caregiver and sibling support through additional seminars, support groups, and workshops which will include long term planning tools
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