We’ve started a new seminar series called “Growing Up With a Disability: An Insider’s View of…” that gives a glimpse of disabilities from the perspective of the person who has grown up with them.

On July 12, we spoke with Benjamin Shrader and his mom Carol about the experience of growing up with cerebral palsy. Benjamin is breaking through barriers and reaching goals and we’re certain he will make a huge impact on the world. If you watch the video, we appreciate your feedback through the brief survey at this link.

This next video is the first in the series and was held June 12, 2018. It features Scott Baione and his mother Paige, our Executive Director. If you watch the video, please take our quick survey found at this link. Your feedback will help make us better at presenting informative seminars.

If you’d like to attend one of our future seminars, please be sure to follow @AriseDelaware on Facebook and Instagram┬áregularly for updates.

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