Embrace RESPITE Nights

All Embrace Respite Nights are from 5-8 PM
Grace Church, 350 McKee Road, Dover

If you’d like to send your child to an Embrace program, please fill out the form below! If you’d like to volunteer with us, please scroll to the last form.

Want to send your child to Respite Night or one of our other Embrace events? Please complete this form and we’ll be in touch!

One contact name is required, but we'd like to get to know you so please let us know if there is another parent/caregiver who shares responsibilities for you child.
Please enter a phone number you usually answer. This is for our information only and will not be sold, rented, or otherwise provided to any other organizations or businesses.

Our vision is to educate and equip all people to embrace our friends with disabilities and their families as indispensable to the community.

Our mission is to create opportunities for relationships between our friends with disabilities, their families and the community.

We believe that our friends with disabilities are fearfully and wonderfully made by God and are indispensable to the community.

Abby Stewart

Interested in volunteering with Embrace? Fill out this form!

Please provide the best number where we can reach you. We take your privacy seriously. We do not sell, rent, or otherwise distribute contact information to other organizations or businesses.

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